Attic and Crawlspace Cleaning

Don't Neglect This Major Part of Your Home

Your attic and crawlspace are often overlooked but very important to maintain in good order.

Dirt and unwanted material can build up from rodent infestations, construction debris, and air vents. This may affect your insulation’s effectiveness and even invite pests to build their nest in your home.

Check your attic and crawlspace for cleaning at least once a year so you can catch any issues before they turn into bigger and more difficult ones to fix.

Benefits of Attic and Crawlspace Cleaning

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Reasons to Clean or Remove Old Insulation

Below are some cases where you would want to use an insulation removal or attic and crawlspace cleaning service.

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Replace Old Insulation

Removal of existing insulation is the first step of any insulation replacement. It also provides a great opportunity to perform services like air sealing and rodent proofing that would normally be much more difficult.

Insulation removal

Make Future Projects Easier

An insulation-free attic makes addition of lights, ducts, and whole-house fans easier and cheaper, as well as electrical and  and wiring work.

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Remove Rodent Waste

Clean insulation works better and lasts much longer than dirty, contaminated insulation. Dirty insulation attracts pests and rodents to nest in your insulation.

Why choose Aircom?

Aircom boasts the expertise, experience, and resources for proper attic and crawlspace cleaning.

Our services are structured to improve the safety and energy efficiency of your attic and crawlspaces.

This service may include removing damaged insulation, removing and cleaning up any rodents waste and dispose of any construction debris that should not have been left behind.

Don’t leave your attic and crawlspaces at the mercy of dirt, dust, and rodents.

Schedule a visit today for a healthier indoor environment, lowered energy costs, and better HVAC system efficiency.

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